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Douglas Fir

Tree Prices

The tree prices are determined by the species & quality of that particular tree, not by the foot. Douglas firs are ready to sell in 5 to 6 years while Nobles and White firs are ready in 10 to 11 years. The color, spacing of branches, symmetrical shape, etc. are all considered when pricing a tree. So you may find a taller tree for a much lower price than a shorter tree that is priced higher. Tree prices can be as low as $30 or as high as $200. And the heights can go as low as 3' or as high as 12'. The prices and heights of our trees are approximate. Douglas fir prices on average are between $72 to $78. Tree heights range from 4' to 10' Nobles fir prices on average are between $135 to $145. Tree heights range from 4' to 8' White fir prices on average are between $135 to $145. Tree heights range from 6' to 8' All prices and sizes are approximate and based on what is still available. We do allow dogs on leash. We do not have pre cut or potted trees.

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir | Scientific Name: Pseudotsuga menziesii

Also known as Coast Douglas-fir, Oregon Pine, Oregon Douglas-fir, Douglas Tree, Interior Douglas-fir, this is not a fir at all but 'Pseudotsuga' or "False Hemlock" named after the Scottish botanist, David Douglas, who introduced many native conifers to Europe. The foliage is blue-green to dark green with fragrant and friendly needles (the boughs are soft to the touch when you run your hand up and down the tree).

Noble Fir

Noble Fir | Scientific Name: Abies procera

The Noble Fir is deep green in color and has unusually lovely branch shape. Boughs of this tree are often made into fresh wreaths. Its branches are sturdy yet the needles are not too sharp to decorate easily. Like the Fraser Fir, the Noble's branches have good spacing between branches so it's easy to hang ornaments on them.

White Fir

White Fir | Scientific Name: Abies concolor

The White Fir is known as the most beautiful of the firs. Its foliage is a bluish-green, with the needles curved upwards on the twigs. The bluish hue of the needles are the reason for this tree's appeal. The needles also give off a pleasant citronella odour when crushed. Back to Top


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